Student Accomplishments

The Music Theory program at MSU is truly world class. The supportive environment and opportunities for research and teaching helped me earn a spot at a top PhD program. I will always be grateful of the connections I made with faculty and students during my time at MSU!

Zachary Lookenbill '21, now a Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University

Our Students are Research Powerhouses.

By presenting research that emerges from courses and independent studies, students build a national network of peers and mentors and get a huge leg up for doctoral applications.

They present at graduate, regional, and national conferences.

They publish their research as articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

They participate in graduate-student workshops with faculty from all over the continent.

They win best-paper awards and university-wide teaching citations.

music theory seminar

A Culture of Succeeding Together, not One-Upping

MSU music theory students accomplish a lot, in many cases building as Master's students research profiles that look more like those of seasoned doctoral students. Yet the cohort of music theory graduate students at MSU remains, year after year, one of the most collegial and collaborative groups of people you'll find anywhere. Graduate students support and inspire one other, but never compete with each other.

Watch two of our students presenting their research at a conference in 2018: